Today we are announcing the closing of JM Unlocks. We started this business over 2 years ago and the first year was insane, we were huge and business was amazing! We had an article written about us in the New York Times. However recently we've been getting less orders and have been having many issues where we cannot handle it. Prices are rising, time frames are changing, and we have been hit with many chargebacks from stolen credit cards. We are therefore marking an end to JM Unlocks, our last day will be September 30th. We therefore recommend you to use up your credits by then.

We wish this could have went another way but we can no longer take care of it.

All pending IMEI will be unlocked by the end of October, and our website will remain functional to check on orders till the last order is unlocked. However, it will no longer be taking any orders.

We wish you great success with finding another supplier to handle your unlocks.

If you have any questions please feel free to email [email protected].

Best Regards,
Joseph Mizrahi (CEO JM Unlocks LLC)